Best Ferret Litter

Ferret litter can be something of a stress point for a lot of ferret owners. A lot of people have questions when it comes to Ferret Litter and which one would be considered the best. This topic really is different from family to family and ferret to ferret.

Some questions to ask yourself as you try ferret litters to find the best for you:

  • Have you noticed your ferret eating any of the ferret litter that you are using? (common with some pellet from litter)
  • Does your ferret use the litter?
  • Does the ferret get litter all over the place?

My ferrets loved the pellet ferret litter when we used it. They would nibble on it though and it would sometimes cause issues so we switched over to just using puppy pee pads (changing them daily). These pads are super absorbent and they don’t eat up on cage space (like a ferret litter box would). This is what worked best for us when it came to the ferret litter choice for our fuzz balls. Yours may be completely ok with pellet style ferret litter or you may have to utilize the news paper style of ferret litter (torn news paper as ferret litter).

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