Ferret First Aid Kit

There was no better way to explain the kit mentioned on Ferret Universe so here is a direct copy of it. I did NOT come up with this. This is from Ferret Universe!

It is highly recommended to always have a first aid kit on hand so you will be able to take care of your ferret should the situation arise. The below is a listing of some recommended items to include:

  • Veterinarian’s phone numbers

  • Scissors (small and curved to avoid accidental injuries)

  • Nail clippers (always ensure you do NOT cut into the quick of their nails, which is their vein)

  • Styptic powder/bar of soap (necessary to stop the bleeding if you do accidentally cut into the quick of their nail while clipping)

  • Tweezers (for removal of foreign bodies on their skin or in their coat)

  • Ice cream/lollipop sticks (very useful if you need to apply a splint)

  • Antiseptic (to clean any cut or abrasion)

  • Antibiotic Powder/gel/lotion (apply to wounds after thorough cleaning to ward off possible infections)

  • Children’s Benadryl (in case they should happen to get stung by a bee or wasp and consult your vet for proper dosage before hand)

  • Cotton balls (for wound cleaning and applying ointments)

  • Bandages (small size to cover wounds to to secure splints)

  • Surgical gauze (padding for wounds and to stop/slow bleeding)

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (flush dirt from wounds and counter infections

  • Alcohol (aids in tick removal)

  • Sodium bicarbonate (apply wet compresses to help reduce swelling)

  • Pedialyte (aids in rehydration)

  • Karo Syrup (Helps bring ferret out of a seizure from insulinoma)

  • Preparation-H (relief for prolapsed rectums)

  • Laxatone/petromalt (aids in dislodging hairballs)

  • Syringe (for measuring and administering liquid medications and food)

  • Ideal size for medicine is 1cc and 3cc, for food 35cc.

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