North Coast Duck Soup Recipe

My ferrets love Duck Soup. Especially if they are feeling under the weather! I have tried many different recipes and the North Coast Duck Soup Recipe that Ferret Universe has is by far the best one. I have literally copied and pasted this recipe from their website ( so be sure to check them out after making some of this wonderful soup for your fur babies.


  • 1 cup dry high quality ferret food (Omit if ferret has insulinoma or IBD)

  • 1 quarter chicken fully cooked and deboned

  • 2 cups water used from boiling the chicken

  • 2 hard boiled eggs (leave shells on and include for extra calcium)

  • 10 Papaya tablets (aids in digestion)

  • 1 Calcium Tablet 500mg

  • 1 tsp Ferretone or Linatone

  • 1 6 oz can Iams (or other HIGH quality food) Cat or Kitten food

Cook chicken until well done (chicken easily comes off the bones); do NOT add salt. Eggs can be boiled with chicken. Add deboned chicken to blender with broth water, papaya tablets, calcium tablets, and blend on high until mixture is pulverized. Add dry food and continue blending until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients one at a time with the canned cat food being the last item. Add remaining broth water as needed to tap off blender. Blend for approximately 3 minutes Mixture should be thin. Pour or drain into ice cube trays and freeze. Place frozen cubes in sealed plastic bags for long term storage.

Each cube equals 1 serving. For ill ferrets, feed a minimum of 1 cube every 4-6 hours. The more the better, but feed at least 4 times a day.


For ferrets on Lasix therapy or severely dehydrated ferrets – add 90 mg Potassium (1 tablet)For Adrenal ferrets – Add 200 IU of dry vitamin E (1 tablet)

For pregnant or nursing jills and also for weaning kits, add 1 scoop puppy milk replacer and 1 Folic Acid tablet to each blender full of soup

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