The Ferret Owners Manual

The Ferret Owners Manual

By Dick Bossart

In memory of Berret, 2/15/97

Congratulations on your new family member. Probably about now you are questioning your sanity and judgment, and wondering what in the world you have gotten yourself into. Relax. The domestic ferret is an affectionate, highly intelligent little critter who will rapidly claim a large piece of your heart.

This booklet summarizes a few of the more important things that you need to know about your new companion. It covers: basic behavioral characteristics; ferret-proofing your home; feeding requirements; litter box training; recommended types of cages and bedding; grooming; toy selection; vaccination requirements; and health tips.

We hope you find this booklet interesting and useful. Most of all we hope that you and your new ferret experience a long and enjoyable friendship.

Copyright 1994 – 2004                                           Richard K. Bossart

Last revised: March 2004.

Copies may be made for non-profit distribution. All rights reserved.


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