The Ferret Owners Manual

Ollie and Doc play “Tube Race”

There are special ferret balls that you might find in pet stores. One type is about a foot in diameter with a large hole on one side and a group of smaller holes on the other. Ferrets seem to love climbing inside and rolling it around. If there are two or more ferrets around, they’ll play “king of the ball,” with the one inside trying to keep the others out. Be careful if the ball only has the one large hole. Your ferret can get inside and have the ball roll over and block the hole. If the ferret is too young to roll the ball off the hole, he could suffocate. If you do buy such a toy, even with the six smaller vet holes, drill several more holes all around the ball to ensure plenty of air flow. If you ever “lose” your ferret and can’t find him, and you do have one of these types of balls, be sure to check there. Your ferret could have climbed inside, rolled the ball up against some object, and is unable to get out.

A simple cardboard box will enchant a ferret for hours, especially if it has a lid on it. Just cut a ferret-sized hole in one side and watch the fun. When I made one for our ferrets, our red-eyed white, Bear, ran inside it, then back out. He ferret-danced all over the room in shear joy before running back inside the box for another look. Then he ran off and brought his friends to play in “his” new toy. Like most “kids”, ferrets often enjoy playing with the box that the toy came in more than the toy itself.

Small cardboard tube, like found in toilet paper, wrapping paper, etc. are not safe toys. Ferrets can get their heads stuck in the tubes, panic and go into shock.

Many of ours love to play in their “tower,” playing “king of the tower.”  It seems that the rule is to see who can keep the rest of the ferrets from getting to the top.


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