The Ferret Owners Manual

Food and Water Containers –  Dry food (except for very young kits) and fresh water should always be available. The ferret’s digestive system is about 3 – 4 hours long. He needs to resupply his system frequently. Ferrets are notorious for tipping over dishes. A heavy weighted bowl with a wide, flat base will help prevent this. The hooded parrot feeding dishes that clamps on the side of the cage will help deter a ferret who loves to dig in his food. (These may not be suitable if your ferret is quite large.) Water bottles keep water from being spilled and keep the water fresh for longer periods of time. Even at that, be sure to change the water at least daily, and clean the bottle regularly. (Baking soda and warm water does a great job, but rinse thoroughly afterwards.) Always keep fresh food and water within his reach.


Litter and Litter boxes – Regular cat litter boxes are fine. A sometimes better and cheaper solution is to use a small, rubber dish pan with one side cut to about 1-2 inches high. The higher sides of the pan will help prevent “overshoots.” Regular cat litter can be used. We now use wood pellets made for wood stoves. They are inexpensive, dust free, and turn to a powder when wet. If your ferret is not one to dig and play in the litter, the “scoopable, non-track, dust free” variety makes it easier to keep the litter box clean. If your ferret thinks of the litter as a sandbox and/or scoots in the litter, the clumping litter is not recommended. A regular dust free clay litter, recycled paper pellets, or similar litters may be better.

Vitamins If you use a quality ferret food, extra vitamin supplements are usually not required. A supplement going by the name Ferretone or Linatone does make a great training aid, however. Ferrets almost universally love the taste. (If they don’t seem willing to eat it at first, place a drop on your finger and rub it in their mouth.) Ferretone and Linatone are very high in vitamin A . We always dilute ours to reduce the amount of vitamin A that they ingest. Dilute the Ferretone/Linatone with Olive Oil; one part of the Ferretone/Linatone to two parts (or greater) Olive Oil. Give no more than a total of a half of a teaspoon of the diluted supplement a day.




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