The Ferret



Ferrets should always be anxious for their meals. Rats are good ferret

food; but never feed dead rats, as you run the risk of the rats having

been previously poisoned, this also transmitting itself to the ferrets.

If there are plenty of rats in the place the ferrets will be able to do

their own choice marketing; otherwise, when not hunting, feed them

either crackers and milk or bread and milk, with a pan of water always

at hand in warm weather. Raw meat can be given them two or three times a

week, but never feed liver or salt meat. When milk is not handy use

water instead. For a pair of ferrets use a shallow pan for their food,

the pan to be as large as an ordinary saucer. Once a day is enough to

feed them. When you wish to hunt your ferrets at night feed them in the

morning, and they will be in the proper hunting condition when night

comes. Particular relishes are chicken heads, duck heads, rabbit heads,

and sparrows. Dilute the milk occasionally, and change off with the

bread or crackers soaked in water instead of milk. Besides this you can

feed your ferrets the same as you do your cat, with the exception above

mentioned. Ferrets enjoy their meals heartily–they grunt and smack

their lips with much satisfaction when fed; particularly so when

feasting off a rat, as there is nothing they enjoy more than a good,

big, healthy one–turning the rodent inside out and ploughing out the

interior with great exactness.


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