The Ferret




The great strength of the ferret is in the teeth, neck, and forefeet.

One ferret can hold up eight times its own weight with its teeth. Twenty

or thirty ferrets when hungry will fasten their teeth in a piece of meat

and can be picked up in this way and swung around without ever causing

them to think of letting go. They will hang to an object which they have

been provoked against with a persistence which would make a Bill Sykes

bull-dog blush with shame. The only way to loosen their hold is to grasp

them firmly around the neck with the pressure on the skull, and to

shove them _towards_ the object, not _from_ it, for if you try the

latter way you can pull for a day and a night without any perceptible

result on the ferret.


The bite of a ferret is not dangerous; they will only bite a human being

out of mistake, because they don’t see well in the daytime. They imagine

you are kindly holding down some bit of meat for them to chew at, and

they don’t bite because they are at all viciously inclined towards you.

Of course you don’t want to tease, annoy, or step on them, or you may

find them loaded. If a ferret bites you, he will let go immediately, and

you and the ferret both will quickly realize the mistake.


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